The RB Advantage

Premium Packaging to Protect YOUR Media!

For many years RB Converting has converted media for some of the most prestigious OEM companies in the industry, such as Xerox and Hewlett Packard. To meet such high quality standards, RB only buys mill direct paper and uses the highest quality cores and boxes available. Each roll we convert is placed in a durable poly bag to protect it from dust, humidity and damage.  We then seal the bag and protect the core with two core plugs.


Our competitors consider our standard engineering clamshell cartons as a premium upgrade, “more expensive” and “difficult to assemble”. RB Converting considers these cartons a benefit to our customers.


Tired of receiving Crushed Cores and Damaged Rolls?

Here are a few benefits of our standard clamshell cartons.
  • Die-cut clamshell cartons

    Our die-cut, clamshell cartons protect the integrity of the product much better than regular flap cartons. When closed, a clamshell carton has four layers of ECT44 strength board on the end walls and three on the opening side.


  • Protection

    Clamshell cartons will protect new and partial rolls while not being used.  Unlike regular flap cartons, our die-cut design allows you to seal the lid shut that maintains the integrity of the carton so your media is protected from dust, moisture or damage.


  • SAFE storage

    Remaining rolls in a clamshell carton are still fully protected and the boxes can still be stored in a stacked or standing position, if needed.

What You Need, When You Need It

 •. 4 Manufacturing & Distribution facilities with over
    350,000 total square feet.
 •. Extensive inventories of Xerographic and Inkjet media.
 •. We buy FSI certified bond direct from the mills.
 •. Same day shipping for stock items.
 •. Drop shipments at no extra charge.
 •. No minimum order fee.
 •. And the BEST customer service in the industry!

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Maximize your PageWide XL advantage! HP Bond with ColorPRO Technology benefits:
 •. Uses up to 13.5% less ink.
 •. Provides 60% more color.
 •. Reduces the need to manually separate & collate color

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